Aboriginal Media Partnership Project


Is there is fair and accurate reporting of Aboriginal issues?
How do you respond to what you see or hear in the media?
Would you like to know how to share your story?


The Aboriginal Commission on Human Rights & Justice (ACHR&J) conducted the Aboriginal Media Partnership Project. In the first component of this one-year project, we conducted research on the how mainstream media reports on Aboriginal issues and events. We will offered workshops and training to individuals and communities on how to make Aboriginal issues heard by media outlets and how to respond to the media when its reporting raises concerns. This project will result in greater collaboration and communications between targeted media organizations and the Aboriginal community for enhanced reporting on Aboriginal issues.



Aboriginal Media in Alberta: Aboriginal Media Partnership Project Report documents the amount and tone of coverage of Aboriginal issues and presents critical commentary on its effects.  





Film: Media Bias

This film documents the impact of media coverage when tragic events happen to Aboriginal people and families.






This slideshow presents highlights from the Aboriginal Meida Partnerhsip Porject and was shown at the Edmonton Policy Service 1st annual Victim's Serivces Conference, Edmonton, September 30-October 2, 2015





Training Series:  Go Viral!  Mastering Digital & Traditional Media Strategies 

Media coverage is an essential tool to enhance human rights.  We offered a three-part workshop series will cover stragegies to reach various types of media indlucing digital, radio, and print.  January - February, 2015.



Project Survey:  As we develop our media strategy further,we would like to continue to hear from you.

Please follow the link to the survey so that we may tailor our media strategy to fit your needs.