Complaints Against Business or Tenancy Transaction



Alberta law protects against unfair business practices and tenancies.  When these laws have been breached, The Consumer Investigations Unit (CIU) can investigate complaints and can take enforcement action.  While individual compensation is not available, the CIU can ensure that the unfair practice is stopped so another person will not have to suffer from the same frustration and hardship.  



The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) applies to most people who rent the place where they live.  Service Alberta enfoces the RTA and offers investigation services through the CIU (see above). 


Information is also available through the Landlord and Tenant Advisory Boards in Alberta. 


The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) resolves disputes regarding tenancies.  A application can be made by landlords or tenants and, once an application is accepted, the RTDRS will have a hearing and make a binding decision that can be enforced at the courts.